Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Podcast Ping Bonus - Comedy Clips


This is a bonus episode. I'm experimenting a little with doing multiple shows per week instead of one long one. I'll probably do another eight at least to make up for episodes 1-9 which don't really use the current format. Although episode 10 doesn't use podsafe music, it does follow the current format.

After I do nine bonus episodes I'll number them to equalize the number of shows with the current format to those actually being produced. That way when I get to episode 50 I will have the same number of shows in the new format. Of course I'll really have more than 50 shows but that's a matter of what's considered valid.

If things work out well I'll do the shows regularly. The length of the show has been creeping up and I'd like to keep it under 30 minutes. It also has the advantage of making it easier to follow a theme; I can do two different themes each week instead of trying to force them all into one.

The downside is that it takes extra time to post additional shows and I can't say how busy I will be but I'll try to get at least one a week. I also don't know if I'll stay with using themes or just make mixed shows. But any new schedule likely won't come into effect until next year.