Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Podcast Ping Bonus 10 - Waking The Dead

I wasn't planning to do another Halloween one this year but I ran across a couple things from the Internet Archive I had which I had thought of using for a Halloween episode and wound up not using them on episode 48 so I thought I'd throw together a bonus episode. I made it a bonus episode because I want 50 to be special and I've already got 49 put together.

Considering the age of the recordings, which I tried to clean up as much as possible, all the musical performers are likely dead now, hence the title. The noisiest recording is the first: the other two aren't bad.

This will likely be the last episode for the month. I've just got three more rebuilds to go, one which is for Christmas and will come out in December. So things will slow down. Episode 50 may come out just before New Years as episode 30 did. As for episodes in the new year, I haven't decided on that yet. I'm planning to just concentrate on THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE.

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Podcast Ping 22 Rebuild

A rebuild of Podcast Ping 22-Garden Party. The first turned out to be in mono so this one is in stereo.

If I can find the time I'd like to get another bonus episode put together for Halloween, which I'll get out tomorrow or Friday. I came across a couple of things on Internet Archive and I've got a couple poems I can use.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Podcast Ping Bonus 6 Rebuild

A rebuild of Podcast Ping 6-Circus Is In Town.

(Button now fixed. It previously played the wrong episode, although the link played the right one.)

The only other bonus episode rebuild will be for bonus 9, which is a Christmas theme.
Aside from that I have three more rebuilds which I hope to get out before the end of next week, if not this week. Episode 49 will be out after that, and I might get a bonus Halloween episode in as well. I've already started selecting material for 50, which I plan to release in December. After that I may just stick with THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE until it's finished.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Unstoppable Ride - Chapter 1 Version 2

Although it's been a while, I'm now back to presenting THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE. It's a story of a detective trapped in an amusement park.

This is the second version of the first episode and there are some noticeable changes, particularly to the beginning. I will probably get a few episodes out before Christmas but I would like to present them weekly, or at least bi-weekly, in the new year.

As such, I may hold off on doing any regular Podcast Ping episodes after 50 until the series is finished. It depends upon how much time I have. I've also got a few rebuilds that I'll finish before the end of the year. I've been doing rebuilds because I've been uploading old episodes to Mininova and felt that many of the old episodes were of such poor quality it was worth redoing. But there's only about four or five of those.

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