Friday, November 28, 2008

Podcast Ping Bonus 9 Rebuild

This is a rebuild of last year's Christmas bonus episode, a reading of "A Visit from St. Nicholas by Clement Moore." For some reason the old one came out in mono so this is a stereo version of it.

I'm not sure if I'll do a Christmas bonus this year or not. I do have Podcast Ping 50finished which I'll release in December. I was going to wait on this one but since we're into the Christmas season I didn't see any point in waiting.

I seem to be at a terrible standstill with THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE. I'm still trying to rewrite the second chapter for recording, but I find myself drawn in other directions. I tend to take December off from writing since I find myself creatively worn out and it offers some time to regain my energy. I am also finding myself drawn towards children's stories right now. Some of it came from listening to the poems I selected for Podcast Ping 50 and realizing how well suited many are for children. Of course it might also be the time of year.

I have tried some children's stories in the past and it might be time to get back to it. I've got a great one going right now that's worth focusing on. And I really would like to rework some already finished full-length novels to boost their length into a more saleable size. Currently they're about 80K so I need about another 10K or 20K.

So I can't say how long it will take to get back to THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE. I don't want to leave it a half-finished podiobook so until I'm ready to fully commit it might be best to hold off. I thought it might help motivate me to work on to release it as a podiobook but it's just not working out that way. But it will get finished.

Of course I've still got a lot of material to get out. I have been considering a change of structure for Podcast Ping, but that wouldn't happen until next year. And I find myself spending a little more time on my blog lately so I might be giving that more attention.

As for episode 50, I'll either get that out around the start of December (maybe even Sunday) or the end. I was originally going to make it like the end of the year episode last year but I may not wait that long. After that I might just take a few months break from podcasting but I'll decide that in January.

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