Saturday, March 8, 2008

Podcast Ping 41 - Past Summers

This episode re-uses poems with a summer theme I posted back before I added music to the podcast. I re-recorded them for this episode. I didn't have the time to write new stuff, but I've been meaning to re-record those poems anyways. The music is all new.

(Left click to play, right click to download and save.)

I'm looking at doing two more episodes before getting into audio book. The one for next week is already completed. And by that time I will be finished with Beowulf (which I expect to complete next week). But since I'm still writing it, it will be easier for me if I'm not trying to do these episodes as well. Besides, while the downloads have been good for the show, better numbers for Beowulf indicate more of an interest in the other directions.

The post dates for Beowulf this past week aren't accurate; I edited the posts before hand and it's the edit dates that show. I've released one a day since Sunday and I will try to keep that rate up for this next week. I also have one other reasonably long poem in between which I was initally going to post as a series but decided to do as just a single post. (It will allow me to get to the audio book faster.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beowulf Reading Part 30

Part 30 of Beowulf.

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Interest in Beowulf has been good, although I can see it waining which is why I'm trying to finish this up. It's much harder to read than any other poem (even Shakespeare's), and it's length makes it even more so. In trying to finish it off my jaw has been sore a few times simply from the phonetic gymnastics required to read it. I've edited up to 32, so there's just nine parts left to edit. I may post a complete version sometime after it's finished but I can't say specifically when that would be. (I'm likely to wait a little while after it's finished.)

Beowulf Reading Part 31

Part 31 of Beowulf.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beowulf Reading Part 29

Part 29 of Beowulf.

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I calculate I'll be finished by Easter, provided I get everything edited and posted on time. I'm likely to take a break over the Easter weekend, then get into a seven part poem which I'll probably run straight through. That one is already recorded and partially edited. Then I'll get into an original novel/audio book/podiobook. (n/a/p?)

Because the audio book will take up so much time, I'll suspend the regular Podcast Ping episodes (the ones with poetry and music) during that time. I expect the book, which is only partially written, to take up my time and efforts. I have recorded one for St. Patrick's Day but I still have one to prepare for this weekend. I can't say if I'll be doing one after St. Patrick's Day or not. If I do, it will likely be the last one for a while, at least until the audio book is finished. (Whether I get back into them will depend upon how things are going at that time.)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Beowulf Reading Part 28

Part 28 of Beowulf.

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I've got it all recorded, now it's just a matter of editing.

As you might have noticed, I've updated the Subscribe section with a Torrentcast link. This is subscribed to through a torrent program such as uTorrent. It's similar to the way podcatchers work but this works for torrents. The link I'm using has posts from other podcasts such as Blue Hot Gossip.

For those with uTorrent, go to "Options" "RSS Downloader" and under the "Feeds" tab click on the "Add" button at the bottom. This will bring up a menu. Enter for the requested feed. Now when you go to "Options" "RSS Downloader" and click on the "Releases" tab, you will see a list of all releases, including any new ones. Click on the release to open the torrent for download. (Hopefully, uTorrent will simplify it in the future.)

Beowulf Reading Part 27

Part 27 of Beowulf.

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I should be finishing up the recording today or tomorrow, but the recordings still need editing. But you can expect a continuous stream of almost daily episodes until it's finished.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beowulf Reading Part 26

Part 26 of Beowulf.

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I was going to wait until tomorrow but since I had it done and I'm trying to get through this I though I'd post it today. I've recorded up to part 37 of 41 but have yet to record any of them. I'll hopefully get one edited today to post tomorrow. If things work well I should have the rest recorded by the end of the week and maybe even edited. It should take about three more weeks to finish. I've then got a shorter poem that should take a couple weeks to get through and I'll follow it with a special project that will change Podcast Ping.