Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Podcast Ping 45

Here's episode 45. No particular theme.

(Left click to play, right click to download and save.)

I was going to get this done over the weekend but has a little computer trouble. Some drivers were throwing off my drive settings. But I managed to track it down and straighten it out. Of course since I'm now doing them monthly a couple days doesn't matter so much.

I'm also intent on getting back to The Unstoppable Ride. I've been working on the writing of it but I've got to get myself recording it. And for some reason I'm finding myself getting behind in my TV watching, even though there's not much on during summer aside from reality shows and documentaries. But there are some good documentaries on TV.

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1 comment:

Kelly Z said...

Thank you for playing our song Fragile. I enjoyed listening to the whole show. It was inspiring with the poetry.
kelly z
Kelly's Lot