Monday, November 3, 2008

Podcast Ping 1-10 Special

This is a collection of the poems from episodes 1 to 10, excluding those re-used for episode 41. I've been meaning to do this for a while and remembered while working on episode 50.

This is just poetry alone. No music. The poems have been re-recorded. Most of the rest of the stuff from the earliest episodes were just me talking or some of my guitar playing. It was at episode 11 that I started on the current format with the podsafe music, so doing a full rebuild of the first ten episodes wasn't worthwhile. And I have been meaning to do an all-poetry episode for a long time.

I called it a "special" instead of a "bonus" episode because bonus implies additional material. And it's not a proper "rebuild" because I'm only using select parts of some of the podcasts.

This is just part of the wrap-up process for the season. I've decided that episode 50 will be the season finale and after 50 I won't be touching any of the old material except for publication. So no more rebuilds or best-ofs, just all new material. Of course that may wait a while until I've finished THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE. (The first chapter of which will be about the only thing carried over into season 2.)

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