Sunday, May 3, 2009

Podcast Ping 53 - Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas

A reading of Dylan Thomas' Fern Hill. I felt the last poem was a little short so that the music dominated most of the podcast. I wanted something a little longer this time to balance it out a little better.

You'll also notice I've changed the intro a little to accomidate some promotion for my new toy shop. It can be found at I'm just starting it up so I've only a small selection at the moment, but I have many ideas for new designs.

With the summer coming I'm starting to think about shows for December. I know it sounds early, but I would like to try a Chrismas calendar this year. That means I've got to come up with 25 Christmas songs and I'll likely have to write quite a few poems even if I choose to re-use some poems. The current plan is to have 25 shows, each with one poem and one song.

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