Sunday, August 16, 2009

Podcast Ping 55 - The Ghost of an Anniversary

While I'm a little slow this year, I had to get one out for the anniversary.

This year it's been harder to do a weekly podcast for a number of reasons. Mainly I don't have the backlog of poetry I had when I started, even though I've been doing classic poems this year. I also don't have as much time to work on it as I use to. Some of that is because of The Blue Hot Gossip podcast, which takes at least a full day's work (normally spread out over a period of time) to produce. And The Blue Hot Gossip has seen much better download numbers. After two years it's still rare for an episode of Podcast Ping to get more than a thousand downloads.

And if people aren't downloading the podcast, then it hardly seems worth doing. It would be better to do another type of podcast. Although I do like doing it, so I doubt I would stop, but I have to balance the amount of time I work on it with the amount of time and effort it's worth. I'm also been trying to get a company started which takes not just time but attention. And there's always the writing to work on which takes more time than I've been allowing and directly competes with time for writing poetry.

Even though I've only done a handful of episodes so far this year, I am planning on doing something special for Halloween and likely Christmas. I have been thinking of doing a Christmas calendar for a while and recently decided to do a test run by doing the 13 Days of Halloween. Starting on October 19th and running until the 31st, I'll try to post one short podcast a day. If it goes well then I'll do the same for Christmas, starting on December 1st. Provided I do those episodes, that will raise the episode count to over forty episodes for the year.

I've also come across an epic poem I would like to try doing, but I won't get to that until at least next year. And as all long time listeners know, these plans are constantly changing and what I plan isn't always what I produce. But I am working on the Halloween episodes so expect the first one of those, and likely the next Podcast Ping episode, on October 19th.

(I keep forgetting to mention this.)Podcast Ping is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.

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