Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 23

Day 23.


Another song about toys. Although "The Wonderful World of Toys" wasn't really a Christmas song even though it did talk about toys. But most Christmas songs tend to be more about snow and socializing than the part most really look forward to--the presents.

A couple more posts and the Calendar will be finished. But then I've got to start working on the New Year's show. It's not a lot of work but between Halloween and the Calendar I've been working on the podcast almost every day since August. Of course there were many days I didn't get anything done, but there was still the need to get it done.

Doing the Calendar on it's own wouldn't have been so bad but I started on it before even posting the last Halloween episode. Most episodes just take a few days of occasional work and then I'm done, so between the two it's felt like a marathon.I did fine the Halloween episodes more fun, but I had more time to do them and it took only two weeks to post them. Although because of the scripting I probably did just as much writing, if not more, for the 13 Days than for the Calendar. The Calendar was sort of like running a marathon the day after running one. I just didn't have as much energy.

I could skip the New Year's episode, or just make it a run of music, but I already worked out an idea for it that I want to do. It shouldn't be too difficult, it's just a matter of doing the prep work. And for the idea I have, New Year's seems appropriate.

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