Saturday, October 18, 2008

Podcast Ping 21-Spooky Stanzas Rebuild

This is a rebuild of last year's Halloween episode.

I'm going to rebuild a few more, although I haven't decided exactly how many yet. I don't want to take forever dealing with old shows. I have done a rebuild of Bonus 3-Ghosts which I'll release in the next couple days. I'm looking at a couple bonus episodes since they're small. I would also like to do a rebuild of Bonus 9, which for some reason came out in mono, but since that's a Christmas episode I won't be doing that until December. But for the most part, there isn't enough advantage in re-doing any more.

But enough with the old material. I have also done episode 48 and 49. 48 is this year's Halloween episode and will come out either this week or next. (Probably next weekend.) 49 is November's episode. I also recorded the second version of the first chapter of THE UNSTOPPABLE RIDE, but I don't like how it sounds and will probably re-do it. I would like to get that going soon.

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