Friday, December 26, 2008

Podcast Ping 50 - Favorites

Here's an special hour long episode of Podcast Ping made up of some favorite songs and poems from the entire series. I had to trim down my selection a lot to keep it from being too long but there's still about fifteen poems and songs included. As it is, I was going to make it only a top ten but found that too limiting.

In putting this together I tried to use more of the older material than the newer material, although the rebuilds may make it seem newer. I also avoided instrumentals and I didn't include more than one song by the same artist. I was also going to make sure I didn't use more than one from the same podcast, but that would have added too much work. With over two-hundred songs and poems selecting fifteen still meant leaving out many good songs and poems.

Of course if the bonus episodes are included this is really more like episode sixty-one, (at least fifty-one with the music and poetry format) and if the Beowulf readings are added the number goes beyond a hundred. So the number is really arbitrary. But this is the official fiftieth episode.

I'm inclinded to call this the end of season one, simply becuase I don't expect to ever be doing anything with this material again, aside from publishing the poems. Next "season" I'm going to work with new material. I'm also considering using material from other poets, particularly famous poets, rather than my own. I've done a lot of poetry for the podcast and I could use the break. I'm also debating doing something special for next December. And I still might do a podiobook, but it will be from one I've already finished writing.

I may also take a few months off from podcasting, but I'll have to see how things work out.

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