Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Podcast Ping's 13 Days of Halloween-Day 3

Today's show deals with ghosts.


The downloads so far have been a little slow, but it's still early. I suspect it should pick up more next week as more people get excited about Halloween.

I've been considering some changes for Podcast Ping next year but nothing is finalized yet. I consider the feed a literary channel, just as I consider Blue Hot Gossip a comedy channel. It's easier than creating new feeds. I was considering doing a classic epic poem, much like Beowulf (only a little more modern) but that would depend upon how much interest it got. I also would like to do one of my novels, but likely not The Unstoppable Ride since I'm having a hard time finishing it. It would be one I've already finished. But that won't be until next year. For this year there's just the Halloween and Christmas episodes, with hopefully a New Year's episode.

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