Sunday, October 25, 2009

Podcast Ping's 13 Days of Halloween-Day 8

This is the show for Monday, Oct. 26th. When I refer to "4 days left" I'm counting Tuesday to Friday, although technically Saturday should be included since Halloween is in the evening.

I believe I have used "Live" before, although it's such a good Halloween song it's hard to not use it again. I've listened to it many times myself. And chances are, most who have heard it haven't listened to it since last year.

Technically, this is episode 64, although I've dropped the episode numbers since I'm doing more specials than regular episodes. I would like to squeeze in a New Year's episode this year but it depends upon how soon I get the Christmas shows finished.

As with the Halloween episodes, I'm re-using a lot of Christmas songs. I've found it easy enough to come up with enough music for 25 shows but many of them aren't that good. So I decided just to use one good song for each episode rather than filling it up with lame music or using all new music with filler songs.

Although the shows are far from finished so I could still try to get two songs into each episode. But I've still got about 18 poems to write so it will be a while before I decide that. (And it's really hard to think Christmas just before Halloween.) Based upon the work required for the Halloween shows, I probably won't do a Christmas calendar next year but I could do the 13 Days of Halloween again--provided I can find enough good podsafe Halloween music.

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