Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 2

Here's day 2 of the Christmas Calendar. Although I don't exactly have themes for all the shows, the theme for this show is the Christmas tree.


I've been doing some re-arranging of the order of the shows. I had thought of announcing the day at the start of the show, but deliberately decided not to do so for that reason. I realized that the show I was going to do had both a poem and music I had used before in past Christmas shows and I didn't want to be using so much old material so close to the start of the calendar.

I've only got about five old Christmas poems; the rest I've written this year. (With only six left to write.) I used the old ones because I knew how much work it would be to write so many poems just about Christmas without making them seem too similar. I have however re-recorded the poems so that I'm presenting them a little differently than I did in the past.

While I've probably used about ten songs that I've played before on past Christmas shows, I feel they're good songs. And I felt it better to reuse a good song rather than play something uninteresting just because I hadn't played it yet. But I am trying to get as much new material into the Calendar as possible. Just yesterday I replaced a number of pieces with new material that appeared on Mevio's Music Alley after I initially tried to round up songs for the podcast.

But I don't think there's more than eight or nine reused songs, and I might still replace some of those. In fact if I had been able to find enough good new music I would have put two songs in each since it would only require a little more editing, but I didn't want the shows to sound like repeats.

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