Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 3

Day 3.

In comparison with the last two days I'm a tiny bit late, however this is being posted the night before so even if I didn't get it posted until the morning I really wouldn't be late. I just got caught up in stuff tonight.

I find I tend to use rhyme in my poetry more often when I'm trying to push it or when I'm restless. When I'm relaxed I can write prose poetry easier. And then there's those poems that just happen to come to me and I have to write them down, which are usually rhymes.

"Snow and Sullen" is a rhyming poem but I'm using a slightly less common rhyming scheme of a,b,c, a,b,c. Even when I do rhyming poetry I try to avoid doing the same rhythm and meter for the same theme otherwise I feel I'm just writing an extension of a previous poem.

Although when I'm really pressed I'll often just use the cliche a,b,c,b pattern. Of course in that case a rhyme isn't really necessary since it does nothing for the poem. Still, I have written some good poems using it because the important aspect of the poem is the theme. I'll also often use it for humorous poems. However I try to avoid using it too often.

I feel a good poet can work in any form. While I tend to favor rhyme, I've also written a number of non-rhyming poems. I find that having to work within a framework gives me more of a challenge.

Of course posting twenty-five episodes of Podcast Ping in a month is also a bit of a challenge. And if I get the New Year's show done it will be twenty-six. But I've got to finish the Christmas episodes first.

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