Friday, December 4, 2009

Podcast Ping's Christmas Calendar Day 5

Day 5.

I didn't get as much done this week as I hoped; I still have five more poems to write. But I've got episodes finished up to the 17th so I've got a couple weeks to finish up. I do have poems for the last two days, and music for all days, so if I really get stuck I'll just skip the poetry for a few days. But I doubt it will be a problem. It's just not all that big a priority at the moment.

The release of the Calendar just happened to come about a week after Mininova decided to drop it's illegal torrents. Since mine were all legal it wasn't a problem. In fact I've seen a jump in overall downloads as a result, although individual downloads seem about the same so far.

I've now passed a collective total of half-a-million downloads on Mininova (helped a great deal with the sudden surge in downloads). Since I don't know what the numbers are for other torrent files at other sites I can't be sure what the overall total is. The torrents have done far better than the podcast feed and made the work worthwhile.

I have found one other site with some torrent numbers that total about three hundred and twenty-five thousand, but they're incomplete and I'm not sure how those numbers were arrived at. So I could have passed the million mark and don't know it, but I can only work with justifiable counts which means I can only rely upon the Mininova count.

And I am going for the million mark.

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